Character Name: Rachel Doucet (Du-SAY)

Covenant: Circle of the Crone (Status 3)

Location: Shreveport, LA (Hierophant)

Faction: Unknown

Believed AgeEdit

Rachel appears to be in her early twenties. It is known that she was Embraced somewhere between 1910 and 1920 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

What Others Will Know (Outside the Covenant)Edit

Rachel is the known childe of Garret (Played by Bryan Coleman), a Mekhet of the Ordo Dracul. The circumstances surrounding her Embrace are sketchy at best - at the time she was working as a bartender in a Brothel owned by Madame Faith Trechaud (Played by Laura Dicks), a prominent member of the Lancea Sanctum. New Orleans at the time was ruled with an iron fist by Augusto Vidal. There is some speculation on whether or not Rachel's sire had permission to Embrace when he actually Embraced her.

From here, Rachel's history is very quiet for the next twenty odd years as she fits into New Orleans society as an Unaligned trying to find her place. For some time the Sanctified believed that she would join their ranks. Then, in early December of 1941, Rachel abruptly disappears. She does not reappear in Kindred society until March of 2005, when she is found wandering one of Vidal's plantations, disoriented and suffering from a severe amnesia.

From here, Rachel is taken into the household of Faith Trechaud, the Sanctified madame who employed Rachel during her mortal days. At some point, it is revealed that Rachel has at some point either recently or in the past joined the Circle of the Crone. Though Faith Trechaud is a childe of Cardinal Tiernan Callaghan and follows the most fanatical creed of the Sanctified, this revelation does little to dim the friendship between Rachel and Faith. The two forge an unusual pact that leaves Baton Rouge with a strange alliance between Crone and Sanctified.

In December 2005, a series of incidents in Baton Rouge prompt Rachel to leave her home of several months and her closest friend and move to Shreveport, Louisiana. There she takes up the position of Hierophant in a city that does not allow the presence of Invictus or Sanctified within its borders.

What Others Will Know (Inside the Covenant)Edit

Rachel is the known childe of Garret (Played by Bryan Coleman), a Mekhet of the Ordo Dracul. The circumstances surrounding her Embrace in 1920 are sketchy at best - to this night, Rachel does not know whether Garret had permission to Embrace her, or whether Faith Trechaud's (Played by Laura Dicks) political skills are the only thing that saved her existence.

For the next decade, Rachel attempted to learn about her new status and just what it meant to be dead, but not quite. It was during this time that she was courted by nearly every major Covenant in the city, and most thought that she would join the Lancea Sanctum, considering who her sponsor was. However, during this time Rachel encountered Felipe Saunier and several other prominent Crones in the city and heard what they had to say. It was not easy or safe to be an Acolyte in the city ruled by Vidal of the Sanctified, and those who reached out to her did so at great personal risk.

Rachel continued to ponder her options but gave little hint of which direction she was leaning. Then one day she abruptly contacted Felipe and petitioned to join the Circle in secret. Little is know of why she did so, but gossip at the time said Rachel had encountered something...though no one is sure what exactly she saw or experienced.

In secret she joined the Circle of the Crone, and to the outside world, she was still Unaligned. For the next ten years she walked a path entirely new to her, and passed the tests that were placed before her. Then in early December of 1941 she vanished without a trace, falling into torpor.

Rachel did not wake up until March 2005, when the Court of New Orleans invited vampires from all over the world to visit. Perhaps it was the movement of the Brood in the city. Perhaps it was the fact that many blood relatives of hers had come to visit the city where she slept. Whatever the reason, Rachel woke up one Saturday night without any memory of her past or even her name. She remembered only one thing: the face of her closest friend, and a name - "Faith." Making her way through streets she did not even recognize, Rachel found her way to Vidal's plantation and made contact with Faith.

What happened over the next few months is sketchy, but in May of 2005, Rachel made contact with other members of the Circle of the Crone and identified herself as a member. She took up residence in Baton Rouge and strangely - very strangely - continued to share a haven with Faith Trechaud, the local Bishop of Baton Rouge. The two made a strangely coherant force of Sanctified and Crone, united by their friendship though divided by their respective religious beliefs.

In December of 2005 a Masquerade breach occurred in Baton Rouge of such a proportion that Rachel chose to leave the city altogether. Whether or not this also included some kind of falling-out with Faith Trechaud is unknown, but Rachel soon relocated to Shreveport, Louisiana and took the title of Hierophant there.

Known TiesEdit

Rachel has openly called Madame Akuete Latour "auntie" and has referred to Alexander Thibideaux of the Carthians as "uncle." She is known to be of Xavier's (Played by Christopher Williams) line.

System of BeliefsEdit

Rachel follows a Mother-aspected Goddess figure, although she's never publically identified Her by name. Recently Rachel's worldview and religious beliefs have been altered by a series of events that culminated in a vision received from the Crone. She now wears the mark of the Seer.

Looking ForEdit

Any appropriate background ties.

E-mail AddressEdit

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