Clan Status: 2

Known Covenant: Invictus

Known Sire: Lafayette

Known Childer: Latimer Wyngate (1832), Seamus O'Malley (1845), Baron Peoter Semnyon Karantoff (1920), Sebastian Talbot (1950)

Region: Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Contact Information:

Phillip Gage is a isolationist Ventrue aristocrat known for his traditional ways and efforts to spread the Invictus ways.

Lord Exarch Phillip Gage was embraced in 1813 by a Carthian Ventrue named Lafayette, who discovered soon after that Phillip's loyalist-aristocratic politics made him far more sympathetic toward the path of the Invictus. Phillip Gage and his sire likely parted on poor terms and Phillip set to the task of building up his powerbase in Ontario. Lord Exarch Phillip Gage recently came to some national prestige by hosting the Invictus gathering at Concillium in Hamilton, Ontario in 2005. Those who were in attendance have spoken of his honesty and his ambition.

Lord Exarch Phillip Gage has lived out his nights in Hamilton and later Burlington, Ontario and has sired many childer. Gage's sirings has been described by his critics as rather promiscuous by Ventrue standards, and those connected to Phillip Gage either by blood or political allegiance are often referred to as "Knights of Gore". Phillip Gage has been Regent of Burlington, Ontario for 60 years, and is a member of the Primus council in neighboring Hamilton, Ontario as the representative for the Invictus. Phillip Gage is a kindred of tradition, who strives to maintain his standing in a territory that is not very supportive of his Invictus philosophy. Some have also commented on his common use of monomacy in settling of grievances.

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