Also known as Kheneme

Clan Status: Mekhet x3

Known Covenant: Not generally well known. He has close connections to the Circle of the Crone.

Known Sire: Unknown

Known Childer: Juan Ramos De Zaragoza, Daria (Dasha) Nazarova, Gregori, Tabitha Barrington, Nathaniel Payne

Contact Information:

Kheneme is known to be a very old Mekhet of Egyptian origin. From his embrace and through the last century he has been a well known member of the Circle of the Crone and priest of the old Egyptian mythos (dedicated primarily to Thoth). Members of the CotC would know him as a founder and occassional high priest of the Order of Ma'at. Lately he has been associating closely with the Ordo Dracul though the details of his covenant loyalties are not well known.

Kheneme is known to be an ecentric and generally friendly scholar of magic, history, and religion, as well as a collector of objects with occult or historical interest. While he is by no means evangelical regarding it, his faith in the Egyptian dieties goes beyond a mere focus for his Cruac and is a core aspect of his life. As such disrespecting his beliefs is likely to anger him and has resulted in a number of feuds with the Sanctified. While generally friendly and polite, on rare occassions he has been known to effectively use brute political force and remarkable cruelty to overcome obstacles and deal with enemies.

For the last century he has resided in San Francisco and while active has only assumed small roles within Kindred society there. He has held Regency over the Haight district since the 1940s, shepharding the various occult movements that have been centered in that area over the years since. Kheneme takes sabbaticals back to Egypt every decade or two, sometimes spending months or years in his homeland before returning to San Francisco. He returned from his most recent nine month absence in October 2004.

Surprisingly for a Kindred of his age, Kheneme has sired a remarkable number of childer during the last century, many of whom reside nearby in Northern California. Several older childer are also known to still be in existence.

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