Gangrel + Mekhet + Nosferatu + Ventrue

Status 1: Recognised Barely Edit

Status 2: Recognised Locally Edit

Status 3: Recognised Regionally Edit

Status 4: Recognised Nationally Edit

The King Makers

Founder The Tall Man
Accepting Members Yes
All Covenants Yes
Bloodline Not at this point, but open for discussion.
Members 5+
Reputation The enigmatic founder is known as a tyrant, an ascetic, a peacemaker, a puppetmaster and a monster. He founded faith in Western Australia and has forged this linage over the last four centuries.

Those who decend from his blood include Inquisitors, Heralds, Invictus Primogen and more. The line seem to embrace only those with leadership potential.

==Status 5: Recognised Globally==

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